Captain Ledge

This is what happens when Bob Marley and Americana Roots music are combined. Throw in a good dose of Pink Floyd for style along with 80's hair band energy and you've got The Captain Ledge Band. Mostly we're a family with an adopted member or two. One of those “adoptions” being Greg Gash, a metal guitar player that's made the transformation to acoustic flat picking and the other being Jason Wood, a sailor with a bad habit for making rhythm. It all adds up to a unique and engaging sound that will “surround you and make you feel welcome”. Read more about the band.

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The Unsigned Mind….. New Orleans or “Escaping the Artistic Desert”….

If you’ve been keeping up then you know we had a couple of really important shows recently. I’m not implying that all our shows aren’t important. These shows just had…

The Unsigned Mind……. Busy as Bees….

If you follow Cliff’s personal page you would know there’s a new batch of critters around our house. Not to be confused with the normal parade of animals that pass…

The Unsigned Mind….. what you don’t know can’t hurt you…

Whew…. it’s been an amazing couple of weeks on every level. Work, Music, personal… just amazing. BUT, you have to take the good with the bad and there have been…

what happens when Hillbilly Roots Music meets Bob Marley

137 in the Nation and 141 in the world on Reverb Nation… moving on up… We continue to be amazed at the support and encouragement from fans and friends. It’s…

Not going to bore anyone with the details of the “week from H***”….

SO…. let’s post positive stuff and you can make fun of me for looking at site statistics….. On Reverb Nation today we are ranked #141 in the nation and #148…

The Unsigned Mind……. empty!

It’s happened to all of us and seems to be happening to me more and more. It’s that really uncomfortable moment when your brain just seems to stop working and…

The Unsigned Mind…… the Plan!

The best laid plans of mice and men……. Or is that layed, or lain or …..pfffft…. someday I plan on getting someone to be an editor. Ability to spell and…

The Unsigned Mind….. What’s it all mean?

I wasn’t sure if I should start or end this with an emotional outburst…. lol… AAARRRRGH! I think that’s pirate speak for…. AAAARRRRRRGH! Lol….. but seriously…. it’s complicated. I mean,…

The End of the World as we know it!

We had a great weekend Memorial Day. It was awesome even if we did cancel a show because an emergency came up. I want to comment that we survived the…

Festivals and Change!

Things they are a changing!….. and all for the best. This weekend, Memorial Day, will see us at two different festivals that we’ve really wanted to be a part of…

Looking Back! and Looking Forward!

This has been an amazing and educational journey so far. We NEVER dreamed that anything like what we’re experiencing would happen when Jeana first picked up the mandolin. Quite honestly,…

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  • 04
    McAlester, Oklahoma
    The Urban Overlook
  • 11
    Longtown, OK 74432
    Sail Oklahoma 2014
  • 27
    Robbers Cave State Park Wilburton, OK 74578
    Robbers Cave State Park
  • 15
    Downtown Mc Alester, OK 74501

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