Captain Ledge

First and foremost we're a family. Second, we love sailing. Third we love to play music together. Our music has been described in a ton of different ways. Funk Grass was the term used by a certain lead guitar player of somewhat infamous reputation. Another listener was heard to comment "If that's bluegrass it's the most sophisticated and interesting I've ever heard." Another life long musician said "What you are doing is incredibly unique but main stream at the same time" . It's no wonder people just seem to enjoy listening. Currently we are working hard toward producing our first album "Great White Skunk". What we can tell you for sure is that we're really not a bar band. We play an eclectic mix of songs from multiple genre's and definitely make them our own.


The End of the World as we know it!

We had a great weekend Memorial Day. It was awesome even if we did cancel a show because an emergency came up. I want to comment that we survived the…

Festivals and Change!

Things they are a changing!….. and all for the best. This weekend, Memorial Day, will see us at two different festivals that we’ve really wanted to be a part of…

Looking Back! and Looking Forward!

This has been an amazing and educational journey so far. We NEVER dreamed that anything like what we’re experiencing would happen when Jeana first picked up the mandolin. Quite honestly,…


After many delays. A few very exciting moments and a couple of false starts…. I got word this morning that our video for Threadbare will finally be uploaded to CMT…

A momentous occasion!

Today is “supposed” to be the day that our video finally gets uploaded to Viacom! Supposedly…….. We laughed about how long this has taken. Even thought I’ve been in the…

Finding our selves….

As a song writer you spend a lot of time looking for ideas and inspiration. We jokingly tell people, if we didn’t have to work other jobs the new songs…

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    Downtown McAlester Mc Alester, OK 74501
    Culture Fest
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    Get directions 500 Frenchmen St New Orleans, LA 70116
    Cutting Edge Music Conference and Downtown Music Festival
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    Shawnee, OK
    Shawnee Music Festival

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